More About Me

Rich Hughett is the co-publisher of Wine & Travel Magazine, a regional magazine that focuses
on California’s Central Coast wine industry and also, the many events the region has to offer.
Wine & Travel has been published for the past 23 years. Prior to creating the magazine he
operated RLH & Associates, a full-service Monterey-based marketing firm, for 38 years. Rich
graduated from San Francisco State University in 1964 with a Bachelor of Science degree in
business and engineering. He received his realtor license in 1984.
His background in regards to Monterey County fishing issues is extensive. In 1974, he founded
the Carmel River Steelhead Association, an organization that still exists today and is dedicated
to protecting and enhancing the river’s special steelhead population. Then, because of water use
issues along the river and the degradation of the stream boundaries, he established the Carmel
River Watch, a key community organization created to protect riparian rights for residents along
the river. To further that goal he worked with State Senator Henry Mello on legislation to
establish the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District.
In 1995, because of interaction problems between the growing California Sea Lion population
and the Chinook Salmon fishery, he co-founded the Fishermen’s Alliance of California, an
organization of commercial and recreational fishing interests that partnered with Moss Landing
Marine Laboratories to study the negative effects of sea lions on California’s dwindling salmon
He has served as president, treasurer and board member on the Monterey County Fish & Game
Commission. Rich is also an active member of the Santa Cruz Fly Fisherman, and also served
as the Recreational Fishing Representative on the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary
Council from 2008 to 2019. He now is a member of the board of directors for Marine Life
Studies, the organization dedicated to studying whales along our coastline and saving entangled
He is a former Monterey City Councilman and Chairman of the Monterey Regional Water
Pollution Control Agency.
He resides in the Toro Park area of the county and is an active fresh and salt water fisherman.
He fishes for salmon and other species in Monterey Bay and also enjoys fly fishing on many of
the state’s lakes and rivers.